Into the Swing of Things

A Simple Summer Outfit perfect for Big Heat and busy Weekends

I've been so super busy lately I haven't much time to do anything at all.  My to-do list grows longer each and every day and sometimes it's hard to keep up with it all, especially blogging and posting! So this post was inspired by the fact that sometimes you don't have time for anything let alone an intricate outfit. It's also inspired by the ridiculous heat we've been getting in Jersey. 

So knits are in, even in the summer. Sweater material crop tops, shirts, skirts and dresses have popped up all over the place, from high end to low end this trend is here to stay. Cue this amazing top from Madewell. When I first saw it I wanted it so badly. I loved the snug fit and the noticeable ribbing and I knew I could easily dress it up or down. I have a really hard time finding tops so imagine my disappointment when I finally saw that $70 price tag. No thanks. Even if it was beautiful, I worked retail long enough to know not pay full price.

So why am I writing about a shirt that I'm clearly wearing even though I said it was too expensive? Because it's on sale! I got it last week for $34.99! Students can get an extra a 15% off and if you shop now (week of 7/20/17) you'll get 30% off any sale items. Now we're talking! When I saw this top on the sale rack I was overjoyed. I grabbed the only size they had left... an xxs. I had zero hope going in but surprisingly it fit! 

I finally got a chance to wear it this weekend and honestly, I was feeling super lazy. No makeup, and lioness hair were key components to my look. I kept it simple and paired it with my Levi 501 shorts and lace up sandals. I am o b s s e s s e d with my round lil thang (my cute little handbag). I bought it off Etsy and have absolutely no regrets. It has patterned lining and fits my phone, key, credit cards, lip balm and more! It's the perfect way to summerfy your outfit and kick things up a notch. 

This look is super versatile. I wore it out and about to stroll through the weekend but would easily wear to brunch/lunch/any eating occasion. Comfy enough for the busiest of days but cute enough for a date of any kind! 




Top: Madewell
Shorts: Levi's

Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Machete

Bag: Etsy
Nail Color: Powder Room